VPS Data Tiny Secret

Price List

An overview of our minimum charges
Well you just had to ask didn't you?


An overview of our minimum charges
So you know what to expect.
This message is all you get for free. Even if you ask nicely..

VPS Servers

For a great VPS Server
Virtual Private Servers - Not Very Personal Servers - get your head out of the gutter

13 €


To host your website
But you have to design it. Or pay us to do it

3 €

Managed hosting

We take care of it
But you have to tell us what to do

150 €

3D printers

Print your own stuff in matters of minutes.
Nothing tiny about this but you get a huge bang for the buck

1494.35 €

3D Printer service Contract

Only for selected printers
Example: We don't work on junk

125 €

3D printers Maintenance

Why do your own maintenance?
We get our hands dirty cut up and bloody so you don't have to

75 €

PC Repair

Yes , we repair your pc to on request
Delete your dirty videos first please or they may end up on an adult site

50 €

3D printing

A single color or multicolor 3D print
Somewhere over the rainbow.... Or blue sky or green grass

7 €


Just ask and we deliver, pickup always free
If you pick up we will send you a treasure map

10 €

Engraving / Cutting

Cut some wood , engrave some glass ?
No that price is not per letter.. It is per 2 letters.

10 €


Our Recycled PETG or PLA ?
What you don't recycle your plastics?

17.95 €

Esun Bulk Filament orders

Esun 10 packs
In case you can't count that is all your fingers in spools of filament


Mystery box

Some mystery filament 
We don't even know what we are sending half the time

19.95 €

Camera Security

Secure your home, Install included
Make sure people like us can't get in without you knowing.

80 €