Engrave your logo or anything else
Feel the power of a 10W diode laser

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Diode Laser Engraving

This is for when you like to engrave stuff
We use the LP4 for this purpose
With his powerful 10W output

450 nm Engraving

Wood engraving, Leather Engraving ... well most things can be engraved with the 405nm blue lasser.

1064nm Engraving

What about your silver ring ? or that metal on your keychain ?
The 1064nm laser can perfect engrave most metals


What can we do

Our rotary module allows us to engrave different kind of shapes, a glass is round and fragile but this tool allows us to engrave it carefully with accurate precession.
This way  you are sure you get it engraved like you want it

As a laser still burns is it possible to engrave wood material.
This allows the posibility to put your logo on a box or on anything that can be engraved.

Metal can be engraved with our laser
This allows to make special metal business cards for example.

As a laser is a bundle of light that also generate heat is it possible to cut true different materials like wood or cardboxes
This allows us to even cut leather to the object you want.
Metal cutting is NOT possible