3D Printing
in a Nutshell

Do you have no idea what 3D printing is ?
Then we can offer you a great insight in what we do.
Here you can find a overview of our differend services.

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FDM 3D Printer

FDM Printers are also known as FFF printers.
There are different kinds of FDM printers and that makes it sometimes complicated to choose the correct one.

For example you got a CoreXY printer like the Bambu X1.
The CoreXY printer got the advantage that it can print fast and accurate.
The bed is the Z axis that move up and down.
This design use 2 motors at the same time to move in the XY plane.
That makes it that it can distribute the force between 2 motors all the time.
it use a single motor to move in the Z plane

Then you got the classic Cartesian printers like a Prusa MK3
Those printers move the bed in the X and Y location.
The design use 3 motors to move in any directions ( X Y Z ) 
That means that every axis got his own motor
Because of this design are they not as fast as a CoreXY.
There technical design is easy to make so they are mostly cheaper

For our final printer we got a Delta Printer
This kind of printer is something special.
it use 3 motors all the time to move in the XYZ direction.
This means that it only move up and down to move in any direction.
The force is always shared between 3 motors and that makes it fast.
A delta is a fast machine.
The design makes it twice as high then the print volume

And as last you got some special printers.
Those are Dual Head printers or other systems that are based on the same system that the other 3 printers above are using.
A great example is the Prusa XL that use a ToolChanger to change his head.
This is also a CoreXY printer, but it is different then the Bambu X1

Resin 3D printer

A resin printer is a printer that is used for fine and accurate details.
So if you love miniatures then you mainly going use a resin printer.
Compared to a FDM printer the resin printer produce finer layers.

There are all different kind of resin printers, So lets split them up.

#MSLA resin printers
Those printers use a LCD screen and can print a full layer at a time.
This makes it a fast printer as the time only depends on the height.

#DLP Printers
Those printers are the same but use a different technology.
instead of a LCD it use a Projector to project a accurate image.
The print time is the same as with MSLA

#SLA printers
SLA printers are printers that use a laser to cure the resin.
This makes it a slow printer compared to MSLA or DLP.
They work the same way as a FDM printer to cure the resin.


Filaments is the plastic your printer use to print your design.
You can compare it to the inkt of a normal printer.
They exist in different materials and different collors

The most common filament material is PLA and PETG
PLA get used a lot as it is easy to print and looks great.
PETG on other side is more used for outside use.
It is harder to print, but still easy to print compared to others.

Then you got also Recycled material, They are not common.
They are complicated to make so hard to find.
We offer Recycled PLA and PETG in our shop 


Resins are the product that is used in a resin printer.
Those are liquids that cure under UV light ( mostly 405nm ) 
You need those to be able to print, just like Filament is needed for FDM

Now there are also different types of resin and they all need to be taken care of with the most care you can provide.
They are Toxic and can burn your skin if you do not wear protection.

Resin also need to be cured and post processed after you made a print.
by not doing that the resin is still weak and can cause some damage to you.

Based on the resin used it need different curing times.
Different kind of resin get used for different purpose.
You got ABS like resin, PLA like resin , Casting resin .. and a lot more.